October 23rd - December 17th 2021​​​​​​​
Also this year, you can have your family photos taken at a special rate, at your favorite location* or in the comfort of your home, while supporting the TULITA PTA!
•30' photoshoot at your desired location.*
•No extra charge for friends and relatives.**
•All the final photos digitally delivered in high resolution within a few days.
•One vintage original Polaroid to take home.
•Each session costs $200.00 and includes a $50.00 donation to the Tulita PTA!
For question or comments please email me at portraitphilosophy@gmail.com or text me at (424) 350-8317
*Remote locations may be subject to scheduling availability and a proportionate travel gratuity.
**Friends and relatives are welcome to join but the number of people will not extend the allocated time. In case of many relatives and friends joining, booking two consequent time-slots may be a good option.
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