Two things matter in a portrait: who we are, and what we want the portrait to tell about us. There are no neutral portraits. Each photograph tells a story: a picture we do not like tells a story that does not make sense to us, or that we do not recognize as ours.
I am a photographer, but I am also a teacher and a guide. I have taught philosophy at university in Italy and France for nearly a decade, I have written books about how the mind transcends our brains and expresses itself through our bodies and in the interactions between our bodies and the external world.
The philosophy I taught and wrote about is the same that makes my photography special.
My guidance is not just about the pose. A pose is not simply a pose, it is the way your mind and your body tell a story by relying on what is around them, just as ink traces meaning on a sheet of paper.
That is my portrait philosophy.​​​​​​​
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