Get in touch
The most important thing first: get in touch. You can send me an email or call/text (424) 350 8317.
The following packages are available for portrait sessions:
One location in Los Angeles**
5 high res images, possibility of colored backdrop
Framing and cropping for optimal LinkedIn or Facebook 
1hour session ($350)*
One location in Los Angeles** (outdoor / indoor), one hour session
Two outfits, plus layering/accessorizing
25 high res edited images in an online gallery***
Half-day session ($600)*
Two location in Los Angeles** (outdoor / indoor / home studio), half a day session
Three outfits, plus layering/accessorizing
50 high res edited images in an online gallery***
Full-day session ($850)*
Up to four locations in Los Angeles** (outdoor / indoor / pro studio), full day session
Unlimited outfits and layering/accessorizing
100 high res edited images in an online gallery***

*also available as gift-cards
**travel fees might apply to certain locations
***additional edited images may be available for purchase at the cost of $10 per image

The rate for event photography is $200 for the first hour and between $100 and $200 per subsequent hour depending on the estimated need of post-production.
All photography services require a retainer fee of $100 to confirm the booking. Only upon reception of the retainer fee the booking will be confirmed.
Artistic projects, non-commercial creative collaborations are welcome. Let me know what you are up to and, if I'm interested and I have the time, I will be glad to join in! clients
I rely a lot on, which is an amazing website to connect freelance professionals and perspective clients. Nevertheless, if you find my website while looking for a photographer on Bark, please feel free to request directly a quote with an email. Bark charges professionals for your contacts and it is very expensive to answer a client's direct request: if it's a local request for a rapid job (i.e. LinkedIn headshots) that I could do at a very small cost, it might not be worth to "bid" for your business on the platform and hence you might not get a reply.
Portrait coaching & Phototherapy
I am a philosopher (PhD) behind the camera, and my passion for photography is a facet of my passion for anything human.
If used properly, photography and philosophy can unlock an incredible therapeutic power for the human self, boosting mood, self-confidence, and life satisfaction. Are you camera shy? What if I told you that I was shooting-shy myself? You may not want to become a model, but with the right human approach and no rush, I will take you step by step out of your reticence. Please inquire, pricing depends upon individual needs.
Dating app profile pictures & strategy
Apps such as Tinder, Once, Bumble and many others have become part of the everyday dating scene. Sure, much of it boils down to being in the right place at the right time, but a nice profile can help a lot. Consistent pictures, a few good lines of introduction and knowing how to handle the conversation are a big plus!
My credentials? I am a photographer, a philosopher of technology and I've shared my life for the past five years with an amazing girl I met on Tinder. I saw many dating-app success stories around me, but also a lot of common mistakes and bad practices, for men and women alike. I am ready to share all that with you.
We will review (or create) your profile, discuss expectations and strategies, and of course take some pictures that portray you looking great and looking real. As a bonus, we can also do some swiping and chatting together.
My commitment
Human beings have never been photographed to such an extent: in the age of the of better and better camera phones, selfies and quick snapshots plaster our visual imagination. And that is alright, I love selfies and phone pictures myself! But sometimes you need more. You deserve better. You deserve being photographed. You deserve carefully taken pictures of yourself.
My commitment is to give you real good looking pictures. What does that mean? That I will take the best professional pictures with the finest Fujifilm gear through the lenses that best match your imagination, and I will develop the pictures through Adobe Lightroom. What I will not do is Photoshop your body and face: a good picture will make you like yourself as you are, looking good and looking real.
A portrait is worth a thousand selfies.
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