2020 compelled us to reassess our relationships with our dwelling places: to cope with the first weeks of stricter isolation, I started seeing my photographs as if they were windows into other possibilities in time and space. The other thing brought in by 2020 was a screen-time overload, as our computers and mobile devices became the main props not only for work, but also for socializing, networking, and recreation. The printed image got covered with a new emotional significance.
With this in mind, as the restrictions eased I traveled off to work on a collection of landscapes primarily intended for large format printing. The Visions of the American West were born: the visions are an ever-growing, consistent series of iconic Western landscapes, blending traditional approaches and colorful storytelling to create images that go beyond Hollywood's vision of the West to lead us into the dreamy contemplation of these wide open spaces. 
My other artistic project blends my portraiture and my past experience as a philosophy scholar. The images revolve around Daedalus, a wooden manikin, and consist in an exploration of human cognition through our moods, our states of mind, our desires and our fears. The Daedalus photographs call back to Keith Haring and Dechirico, as they create funny, ironic, but sometimes also haunting representations of what humanity means to each of us. The images are supposed to act as tinted mirrors, giving back to the viewers what they gave to the images in the first place.
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